OneLook Thesaurus for iOS and macOS

for iOS and macOS


Fast Interface
A quick and easy way to look up words that's tailored to your iPhone, iPad or Mac.
Custom Keyboard
On iPhone and iPad, search OneLook from inside your keyboard so you can use OneLook wherever you write.
Solve Today's Word Puzzle
Ever curious what other words would have worked? Use our helpers for Wordle, Scrabble®, crossword puzzles and Spelling Bee.
Right Click From Safari
Don't know a word? In Safari for macOS, right click a word and choose "Look Up in OneLook".
Powerful Search Criteria
Nine lookups in one. Besides synonyms and similar words, you’ll also find three memory-jogging features you won’t find on the website called “Associated”, “Describe”, and “Complete”; as well as "Rhymes", "Quotes", "Lyrics", and other niceties to spice up your poetry and prose.
And More
  • Describe a word (“the feeling of strong desire to travel”) and get back the word you’re looking for (“wanderlust”).
  • Stimulating new Word-of-the-day and Place-of-the-Day features.
  • Ad-free access to the OneLook website for finding word definitions.
  • Use our most advanced reverse dictionary algorithms and new sorting options before they become available on the website.
  • Support our ongoing development of OneLook Thesaurus.


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Privacy Policy

  • Your privacy comes first
    • OneLook does not store any personal or user-identifying information.
    • We save no user data.
  • Minimal collection
    • We only collect logs of the searches made to our service.
    • We discard all log files within 48 hours.
  • Opt-in services
    • If you opt-in to voice transcription, we send the audio recording to Apple (for transcription only) and then immediately discard it.
    • You may voluntarily provide personal information in response to a specific query or by filling out a feedback form. This information is not passed on to advertisers or used for any purpose other than what is stated.