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1. x means clustering
2. x men
3. x men 1
4. x men 2
5. x men 3
6. x men adventures
7. x men animated series
8. x men apocalypse
9. x men black
10. x men blue
11. x men cast
12. x men characters
13. x men classics
14. x men dark phoenix
15. x men days of future past
16. x men destiny
17. x men evolution
18. x men film series
19. x men films
20. x men first class
21. x men forever
22. x men gold
23. x men in other media
24. x men in television
25. x men legacy
26. x men legends
27. x men legends ii
28. x men movie
29. x men movies
30. x men noir
31. x men origins
32. x men red
33. x men reload
34. x men the animated series
35. x men trading card game
36. x men tv series episode list
37. x men united
38. x men unlimited
39. x men vs street fighter
40. x men wolverine


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