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List phrases that spell out tone 

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We found 71 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word tone:
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(Note: See toning for more definitions.)

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Quick definitions from WordNet (tone)

noun:  (linguistics) a pitch or change in pitch of the voice that serves to distinguish words in tonal languages ("The Beijing dialect uses four tones")
noun:  the quality of something (an act or a piece of writing) that reveals the attitudes and presuppositions of the author ("The general tone of articles appearing in the newspapers is that the government should withdraw")
noun:  a steady sound without overtones ("They tested his hearing with pure tones of different frequencies")
noun:  a musical interval of two semitones
noun:  the quality of a person's voice ("He began in a conversational tone")
noun:  the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people ("A clergyman improved the tone of the meeting")
noun:  a notation representing the pitch and duration of a musical sound
noun:  the elastic tension of living muscles, arteries, etc. that facilitate response to stimuli
noun:  a quality of a given color that differs slightly from a primary color
noun:  (music) the distinctive property of a complex sound (a voice or noise or musical sound) ("The muffled tones of the broken bell summoned them to meet")
verb:  change to a color image ("Tone a photographic image")
verb:  change the color or tone of ("Tone a negative")
verb:  of one's speech, varying the pitch
verb:  utter monotonously and repetitively and rhythmically
verb:  give a healthy elasticity to ("Let's tone our muscles")
name:  A surname (common: 1 in 100000 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #17109)

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