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1. to lam
2. to lap boards
3. to lap timbers
4. to lash out
5. to lather
6. to lattice up
7. to laugh at
8. to laugh away
9. to laugh down
10. to laugh in the sleeve
11. to laugh one out of
12. to laugh out
13. to laugh out of the other corner
14. to laugh to scorn
15. to laugh up one`s sleeve
16. to lay
17. to lay a ship aboard
18. to lay a venue
19. to lay aboard
20. to lay about
21. to lay about one
22. to lay against the field
23. to lay an ambush
24. to lay an anchor to the windward
25. to lay asleep
26. to lay at
27. to lay at ones door
28. to lay bare
29. to lay before
30. to lay by
31. to lay by the heels
32. to lay claim to
33. to lay down
34. to lay for
35. to lay forth
36. to lay hands on
37. to lay hands on one's self
38. to lay hands on one`s self
39. to lay hands on ones self
40. to lay heads together
41. to lay hold of
42. to lay hold on
43. to lay in
44. to lay in balance
45. to lay in for
46. to lay in lavender
47. to lay it on
48. to lay it on thick
49. to lay on
50. to lay on load
51. to lay on the shelf
52. to lay on the table
53. to lay one's self open to
54. to lay one's self out
55. to lay one`s self open to
56. to lay one`s self out
57. to lay ones self open to
58. to lay ones self out
59. to lay open
60. to lay out
61. to lay over
62. to lay siege to
63. to lay stress upon
64. to lay the course
65. to lay the land
66. to lay to
67. to lay to heart
68. to lay under
69. to lay unto
70. to lay up
71. to lay violent hands on one's self
72. to lay violent hands on one`s self
73. to lay violent hands on ones self
74. to lay wait
75. to lay wait for
76. to lay waste
77. to lead
78. to lead as a bride to the altar
79. to lead astray
80. to lead by the nose
81. to lead captive
82. to lead off
83. to lead one a dance
84. to lead out
85. to lead sb up the garden path
86. to lead the way
87. to lead to the altar
88. to leak out
89. to learn by heart
90. to learn by rote
91. to learn the ropes
92. to leave alone
93. to leave no stone unturned
94. to leave off
95. to leave one in the lurch
96. to leave one out in the cold
97. to leave one to himself
98. to leave or die in long island
99. to leave out
100. to leave sb to their own resources

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