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1. so tae-song
2. so tae song
3. so taguchi
4. so television
5. so tell me why
6. so that
7. so that not
8. so the drama
9. so the flies don't come
10. so the flies dont come
11. so the saying goes
12. so the saying is
13. so the story goes
14. so the wind won't blow it all away
15. so the wind wont blow it all away
16. so then
17. so there
18. so they say
19. so thick
20. so thick you could cut it with a knife
21. so this is africa
22. so this is arizona
23. so this is college
24. so this is freedom
25. so this is goodbye
26. so this is great britain
27. so this is harris
28. so this is how it ends
29. so this is london
30. so this is love
31. so this is marriage
32. so this is new york
33. so this is paris
34. so this is washington
35. so tired
36. so tmva
37. so to say
38. so to speak
39. so today
40. so together
41. so tonight that i might see
42. so totally emily ebers
43. so tough
44. so trlms
45. so tuff


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