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1. say a few words
2. say a little prayer
3. say a little prayer for you
4. say a lot/very little etc. for
5. say a lot/very little etc for
6. say a lot about
7. say a lot very little etc for
8. say a mouthful
9. say a prayer
10. say a prayer for me
11. say a prayer for the boys out there
12. say a word
13. say a word for the poor hussar
14. say aah
15. say about
16. say admit think guess as much
17. say africa
18. say again
19. say again yes i do
20. say against
21. say aha
22. say allen
23. say alonzo
24. say amen
25. say amen to
26. say anything
27. say anything discography
28. say blister beetle
29. say blow by blow backwards
30. say bo to a goose
31. say boo
32. say boo to a goose
33. say by heart
34. say cheese
35. say cheese and die
36. say chhum
37. say cry uncle
38. say department
39. say everything
40. say farewell
41. say for
42. say forever you'll be mine
43. say forever youll be mine
44. say fuck it
45. say gerald syndrome
46. say goodbye
47. say goodbye to
48. say goodbye to hollywood
49. say goodbye to sth
50. say goodnight
51. say goodnight gracie
52. say goodnight to the world
53. say grace
54. say hello
55. say hello 2 heaven
56. say hello to
57. say hello to goodbye
58. say hello to my little friend
59. say hello to soft cell
60. say hello to someone from massachusetts
61. say hello to sunshine
62. say hello to the angels
63. say hello to tragedy
64. say hello to yesterday
65. say her name
66. say her piece
67. say hey
68. say hey kid
69. say hi
70. say hi to
71. say hi to pencil
72. say hi to your mom
73. say his piece
74. say i
75. say i'm your number one
76. say i am
77. say i am you
78. say i gotta believe
79. say i love you
80. say im your number one
81. say in a roundabout way
82. say in advance
83. say in defense
84. say in reply
85. say it
86. say it's forever
87. say it's gonna rain
88. say it's not true
89. say it's possible
90. say it again
91. say it ain't so
92. say it aint so
93. say it all
94. say it all with iffat omer
95. say it in french
96. say it in russian
97. say it in slang
98. say it is so
99. say it isn't so
100. say it isnt so

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