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We found 33 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word rr:
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Quick definitions from Wiktionary (Rr)

verb:  (aviation, travel, dated) (from the status code used in the GDS) reconfirm / reconfirmed.
noun:  (US) Initialism of railroad. [(chiefly US) A permanent track consisting of fixed metal rails to drive trains or similar motorized vehicles on.]
noun:  (cycling) Initialism of road race. [A race run on roads rather than a track.]
noun:  Initialism of Rolls-Royce. [any of several British companies that make motor cars, aero engines, etc.]
noun:  Initialism of reverse racism. [(sociology) Racism against the racial majority (either a member or group of that majority or the majority in general).]
noun:  Initialism of real reality. [Reality, the real world, that which is not virtual nor augmented nor an online world]
noun:  (statistics, epidemiology) Initialism of relative risk.
noun:  (US) Initialism of rural route used when addressing mail.
noun:  Abbreviation of Roraima, a state of Brazil. [a large tepui located at the junction of Guyana, Venezuela, and Brazil]

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