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We found 13 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word resistances:
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General dictionaries General (8 matching dictionaries)
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Business dictionaries Business (2 matching dictionaries)
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Computing dictionaries Computing (1 matching dictionary)
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Medicine dictionaries Medicine (1 matching dictionary)
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Miscellaneous dictionaries Miscellaneous (1 matching dictionary)
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Quick definitions from WordNet (resistance)

noun:  the action of opposing something that you disapprove or disagree with ("He encountered a general feeling of resistance from many citizens")
noun:  the military action of resisting the enemy's advance ("The enemy offered little resistance")
noun:  group action in opposition to those in power
noun:  (psychiatry) an unwillingness to bring repressed feelings into conscious awareness
noun:  the degree of unresponsiveness of a disease-causing microorganism to antibiotics or other drugs (as in penicillin-resistant bacteria)
noun:  any mechanical force that tends to retard or oppose motion
noun:  an electrical device that resists the flow of electrical current
noun:  a secret group organized to overthrow a government or occupation force
noun:  (medicine) the condition in which an organism can resist disease
noun:  a material's opposition to the flow of electric current; measured in ohms

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