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1. or a. achirus
2. or a achirus
3. or a crime
4. or acetic
5. or adonai
6. or aegithalus
7. or age
8. or akiva
9. or all the seas with oysters
10. or alva
11. or americana
12. or amorphous
13. or amygdalus persica
14. or an account
15. or anasa
16. or and
17. or anthea
18. or antipathetic
19. or anything
20. or are
21. or argyreus
22. or artanthe
23. or artemisia
24. or asinus
25. or aspidonectus
26. or assise assize
27. or asterias
28. or at
29. or attorney-at-law
30. or attorney at law
31. or auricula
32. or automated) double tracking or adt


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