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1. not . . . but
2. not 4 sale
3. not a/one bit
4. not a/one jot
5. not a bad thing
6. not a barrel of laughs
7. not a bed of roses
8. not a bit
9. not a bit of it
10. not a blind bit
11. not a bother on someone
12. not a box
13. not a care in the world
14. not a cat in hell's chance
15. not a cat in hells chance
16. not a chance
17. not a child in the house washed
18. not a circumstance
19. not a clue
20. not a cornfield
21. not a crime
22. not a criminal
23. not a damn thing changed
24. not a day goes by
25. not a dicky bird
26. not a dickybird
27. not a dirty film
28. not a dog's chance
29. not a dogs chance
30. not a drum was heard
31. not a dry eye
32. not a dry eye in the house
33. not a father's day
34. not a fathers day
35. not a few
36. not a glimmer
37. not a hair out of place
38. not a hang
39. not a happy bunny
40. not a hero
41. not a hope
42. not a hope/chance in hell
43. not a hope chance in hell
44. not a hope in hell
45. not a hundred per cent
46. not a jot/not one jot
47. not a jot not one jot
48. not a jot or tittle
49. not a kid anymore
50. not a ladies' man
51. not a ladies man
52. not a little
53. not a living soul
54. not a lot of
55. not a love song
56. not a love story
57. not a minute too soon
58. not a moment to spare
59. not a moment too soon
60. not a name with us
61. not a number
62. not a one
63. not a one bit
64. not a one jot
65. not a party
66. not a patch on
67. not a patch on something
68. not a penny less
69. not a penny less/more
70. not a penny less more
71. not a penny more
72. not a pin to choose between them
73. not a planet
74. not a pretty girl
75. not a pretty picture
76. not a pretty sight
77. not a problem
78. not a red cent
79. not a saint
80. not a sausage
81. not a second time
82. not a shot in locker
83. not a single
84. not a sinner nor a saint
85. not a soul
86. not a stitch
87. not a team player
88. not a thing
89. not a typewriter
90. not a whit
91. not a whit/not one whit
92. not a whit not one whit
93. not a word about love
94. not a word of a lie
95. not a word to bessie
96. not abide
97. not abiding
98. not able
99. not able to be conveyed
100. not able to call time own

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