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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase mettre dans une caisse / une boite / un coffre.

Reverse dictionary results:
1. ilo
2. who
3. international finance corporation
4. ibrd
5. ida
6. international development association
7. world bank
8. ifc
9. imo
10. imf
11. wmo
12. world meteorological organization
13. aria
14. surmise
15. unesco
16. court
17. seine
18. iaea
19. unicef
20. fao
21. international labour organization
22. international monetary fund
23. world health organization
24. food and agriculture organization
25. food and agriculture organization of the united nations
26. gatt
27. general agreement on tariffs and trade
28. icao
29. international atomic energy agency
30. international bank for reconstruction and development
31. international civil aviation organization
32. international labor organization
33. international maritime organization
34. united nations children's fund
35. united nations educational scientific and cultural organization
36. united nations international children's emergency fund
37. baroja
38. kosovo
39. beret
40. in-

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