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List phrases that spell out koto 

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We found 25 dictionaries that include the word koto:

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Art dictionaries Art (1 matching dictionary)
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Computing dictionaries Computing (1 matching dictionary)
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Miscellaneous dictionaries Miscellaneous (1 matching dictionary)
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Slang dictionaries Slang (1 matching dictionary)
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(Note: See kotos for more definitions.)

Quick definitions from WordNet (koto)

noun:  Japanese stringed instrument that resembles a zither; has a rectangular wooden sounding box and usually 13 silk strings that are plucked with the fingers

▸ Also see kotos

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Phrases that include koto:   akash koto dure, gururi no koto, kimi ni hanashite okitai koto, koto furunushi, koto hoxhi, more...

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