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1. it takes a church
2. it takes a family
3. it takes a fool to remain sane
4. it takes a heap o' livin' in a house t' make it home
5. it takes a heap o livin in a house t make it home
6. it takes a licking and keeps on ticking
7. it takes a man and a woman
8. it takes a muscle
9. it takes a nation of millions
10. it takes a thief
11. it takes a thief to catch a thief
12. it takes a village
13. it takes a whole lot of human feeling
14. it takes a worried man
15. it takes all kinds
16. it takes all kinds to make a world
17. it takes all sorts
18. it takes all sorts to make a world
19. it takes getting used to
20. it takes money to make money
21. it takes more
22. it takes one to know one
23. it takes people like you
24. it takes scoop
25. it takes the irish to beat the dutch
26. it takes time
27. it takes two
28. it takes two to make a bargain
29. it takes two to make a quarrel
30. it takes two to quarrel
31. it takes two to sin in love
32. it takes two to tangle
33. it takes two to tango
34. it takes you away
35. it that bites
36. it that depends
37. it that figures
38. it that is just as well
39. it that would never do
40. it thaws
41. it the album
42. it this was always going to be
43. it took nixon to go to china
44. it transpired
45. it transpires


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