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1. i had a ball
2. i had a beautiful time
3. i had a dream that you were mine
4. i had a ghetto dream
5. i had a little nut tree
6. i had a love
7. i had a lovely time
8. i had a new york girlfriend
9. i had an autumn dream
10. i had cancer
11. i had lost my mind
12. i had seen castles
13. i had sex with e.t
14. i had sex with et
15. i had the blues but i shook them loose
16. i had the craziest dream
17. i had to fall in love
18. i had too much to dream
19. i had trouble in getting to solla sollew
20. i hadn't anyone till you
21. i hadnt anyone till you
22. i hand
23. i happen to like new york
24. i hate
25. i hate a mystery
26. i hate being single
27. i hate boys
28. i hate december
29. i hate everything
30. i hate everything about you
31. i hate fairyland
32. i hate frasier crane
33. i hate freaks like you
34. i hate hamlet
35. i hate kate
36. i hate love stories
37. i hate luv storys
38. i hate mondays
39. i hate music
40. i hate my kitchen
41. i hate my teenage daughter
42. i hate my yard
43. i hate myself
44. i hate myself and i want to die
45. i hate myself and want to die
46. i hate myself for loving you
47. i hate myselfie
48. i hate rock 'n' roll
49. i hate rock n roll
50. i hate sally
51. i hate the french
52. i hate the music
53. i hate this part
54. i hate to say/admit
55. i hate to say admit
56. i hate to think
57. i hate u
58. i hate valentine's day
59. i hate valentines day
60. i hate you
61. i hate you more than anyone
62. i hate you then i love you
63. i hate you with a passion
64. i have a bad feeling about this
65. i have a bee
66. i have a date with spring
67. i have a dream
68. i have a dream foundation
69. i have a dream speach
70. i have a dream speech
71. i have a little dreidel
72. i have a lover
73. i have a pony
74. i have a right
75. i have a special plan for this world
76. i have been here before
77. i have been in you
78. i have been there
79. i have but one heart
80. i have decided to follow jesus
81. i have dreamed
82. i have forgiven jesus
83. i have gone home
84. i have great admiration for
85. i have it
86. i have it on good authority
87. i have landed
88. i have lost
89. i have made my bed in darkness
90. i have my life
91. i have never seen
92. i have no cannons that roar
93. i have no enemies
94. i have no idea
95. i have no mouth and i must scream
96. i have not been to oxford town
97. i have not slept one wink
98. i have not yet begun to fight
99. i have nothing
100. i have returned

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