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1. i do
2. i do! i do
3. i do! i do!
4. i do' wanna know
5. i do... i did
6. i do believe
7. i do declare
8. i do do
9. i do exist
10. i do i did
11. i do it
12. i do it for you
13. i do like to be beside the seaside
14. i do love you
15. i do my swingin' at home
16. i do my swingin at home
17. i do not choose to run
18. i do not hook up
19. i do not want what i haven't got
20. i do not want what i havent got
21. i do now i don't
22. i do now i dont
23. i do perceive
24. i do wanna know
25. i do you
26. i dolci inganni
27. i don't
28. i don't believe in love
29. i don't believe in miracles
30. i don't believe it
31. i don't believe this
32. i don't believe you
33. i don't blame
34. i don't blame you
35. i don't blame you at all
36. i don't call him daddy
37. i don't care
38. i don't care about your band
39. i don't care anymore
40. i don't care girl
41. i don't care if the sun don't shine
42. i don't care that you don't mind
43. i don't care where i go when i die
44. i don't care who knows it
45. i don't cares
46. i don't consider myself a vain person
47. i don't dance
48. i don't depend on you
49. i don't deserve you
50. i don't even know
51. i don't even know your name
52. i don't ever want to see you again
53. i don't feel like dancin
54. i don't feel like dancing
55. i don't feel like loving you today
56. i don't fuck with you
57. i don't get tired
58. i don't give a
59. i don't give a fuck
60. i don't go shopping
61. i don't hate las vegas anymore
62. i don't have far to fall
63. i don't have the heart
64. i don't have time to breathe
65. i don't have time to catch my breath
66. i don't hurt anymore
67. i don't kiss
68. i don't know
69. i don't know about him/her
70. i don't know about that
71. i don't know about you/him/her/them
72. i don't know about you but
73. i don't know anybody else
74. i don't know anything
75. i don't know how she does it
76. i don't know how to love him
77. i don't know if it's right
78. i don't know what i'm doing
79. i don't know what it is
80. i don't know what the world is coming to
81. i don't know where to start
82. i don't know why
83. i don't know why i act this way
84. i don't know why you don't want me
85. i don't know you anymore
86. i don't like
87. i don't like disco
88. i don't like it
89. i don't like mondays
90. i don't like you
91. i don't live today
92. i don't love you
93. i don't love you anymore
94. i don't luv u
95. i don't mean maybe
96. i don't mind
97. i don't mind if i do
98. i don't mind telling you
99. i don't need a man
100. i don't need it

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