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1. have
2. have't
3. have-a-go
4. have-a-go hero
5. have-a-go heroes
6. have-a-little
7. have-a-littles
8. have-all
9. have-alls
10. have-not
11. have-not province
12. have-not provinces
13. have-nots
14. have-to doe with
15. have/eat someone for breakfast
16. have/exchange words
17. have/get a corner on
18. have/get a feeling for something
19. have/get a handle on something
20. have/get cold feet
21. have/get egg on your face
22. have/get one's bell rung
23. have/get one's nose/snout in the trough
24. have/get something down to a fine art
25. have/get the goods on
26. have/get the jump on someone
27. have/get the last laugh
28. have/get the munchies
29. have/get your shit together
30. have/get your snout in the trough
31. have/had
32. have/have got against
33. have/hold/want no truck with
34. have/hold all the aces
35. have/hold someone in thrall
36. have/hold the lead
37. have/hold the whip hand
38. have/keep an open mind
39. have/keep half an eye on
40. have/keep one's feet on the ground
41. have/keep one's guard up
42. have/keep several balls in the air
43. have/keep your beady eye on someone
44. have/keep your ear to the ground
45. have/keep your eye on someone
46. have/keep your eye on something
47. have/keep your eye on the clock
48. have/keep your feet on the ground
49. have/keep your finger on the pulse
50. have/keep your options open
51. have/know all the answers
52. have/know sth down pat
53. have/know sth off pat
54. have/lead
55. have/lead a sheltered life
56. have/make a stab at sth
57. have/put one's hands in the till
58. have/put your head on the block
59. have/take/get someone's measure
60. have/take a butcher's
61. have/take a butcher’s
62. have/take a dump
63. have/take a gander
64. have/take a gander at
65. have/take a notion to do sth
66. have/take a peek
67. have/take a pop at
68. have/take a seat
69. have/take a shufti
70. have/take a tinkle
71. have/take a wander
72. have/take a whack at
73. have/take precedence over
74. have/take pride of place
75. have/take time off
76. have/throw/pitch a tantrum
77. have/throw a fit
78. have/want no truck with
79. have/win a plurality
80. have 'twangy' guitar will travel
81. have a/ finger on the button
82. have a [fine etc.] pair of lungs
83. have a baby/child/twins etc
84. have a baby child twins etc
85. have a bad attitude
86. have a bad case of the simples
87. have a bad conscience
88. have a bad day
89. have a bad effect
90. have a bad hair day
91. have a bag on
92. have a ball
93. have a bash
94. have a bash at
95. have a bat in the belfry
96. have a bat in the cave
97. have a bath
98. have a bean
99. have a bear by the tail
100. have a bearing on

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