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1. for & against
2. for 2
3. for 24 hours
4. for a
5. for a bargain price
6. for a beginning
7. for a better day
8. for a breath i tarry
9. for a brief duration
10. for a certainty
11. for a change
12. for a coon's age
13. for a coons age
14. for a cop's hide
15. for a cops hide
16. for a count of
17. for a dare
18. for a drive
19. for a european serbia
20. for a fact
21. for a fairer world
22. for a fat broad you don't sweat much
23. for a fat broad you dont sweat much
24. for a few bullets
25. for a few dollars less
26. for a few dollars more
27. for a few extra dollars
28. for a few paintballs more
29. for a fistful of dollars
30. for a friend
31. for a giggle
32. for a good latvia
33. for a good purpose
34. for a good reason
35. for a good time call
36. for a humane latvia
37. for a kick-off
38. for a kick off
39. for a lark
40. for a lark and on a lark
41. for a laugh
42. for a lifetime
43. for a limited time only
44. for a limitless time
45. for a little while
46. for a living
47. for a loop
48. for a loss
49. for a lost soldier
50. for a man/woman/person of his/her years
51. for a man woman person of his her years
52. for a minute
53. for a moment
54. for a new liberty
55. for a new socialism
56. for a number
57. for a price
58. for a rainy day
59. for a reason
60. for a ride
61. for a season
62. for a seemingly endless time
63. for a select few
64. for a short time
65. for a song
66. for a song and a dance
67. for a song and dance
68. for a spin
69. for a split second
70. for a start
71. for a still stronger reason
72. for a surety
73. for a swarm of bees
74. for a time
75. for a while
76. for a wife's honor
77. for a wifes honor
78. for a woman
79. for a wonder
80. for absent friends
81. for adolphe sax
82. for aeons past
83. for africa
84. for against
85. for ages
86. for ahkeem
87. for all
88. for all cares
89. for all debts public and private
90. for all eternity
91. for all he's worth
92. for all he cares
93. for all he is worth
94. for all hes worth
95. for all history
96. for all i'm worth
97. for all i am
98. for all i am worth
99. for all i care
100. for all i know

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