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List phrases that spell out fair 

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We found 60 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word fair:
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Computing dictionaries Computing (2 matching dictionaries)
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Medicine dictionaries Medicine (1 matching dictionary)
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Miscellaneous dictionaries Miscellaneous (6 matching dictionaries)
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Slang dictionaries Slang (1 matching dictionary)
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Tech dictionaries Tech (6 matching dictionaries)
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Quick definitions from WordNet (fair)

noun:  a competitive exhibition of farm products ("She won a blue ribbon for her baking at the county fair")
noun:  gathering of producers to promote business ("World fair")
noun:  a traveling show; having sideshows and rides and games of skill etc.
noun:  a sale of miscellany; often for charity
verb:  join so that the external surfaces blend smoothly
adjective:  not excessive or extreme ("A fairish income")
adjective:  more than adequate in quality ("Fair work")
adjective:  visually appealing ("Our fair city")
adjective:  (used of hair or skin) pale or light-colored ("A fair complexion")
adjective:  free of clouds or rain ("Today will be fair and warm")
adjective:  (of a baseball) hit between the foul lines ("He hit a fair ball over the third base bag")
adjective:  free from favoritism or self-interest or bias or deception; or conforming with established standards or rules ("A fair referee")
adjective:  (of a manuscript) having few alterations or corrections ("Fair copy")
adjective:  of no exceptional quality or ability ("Only a fair performance of the sonata")
adjective:  showing lack of favoritism
adjective:  very pleasing to the eye ("Young fair maidens")
adverb:  in a fair evenhanded manner ("Deal fairly with one another")
adverb:  in conformity with the rules or laws and without fraud or cheating ("They played fairly")
name:  A surname (common: 1 in 12500 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #1479)

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