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1. coul
2. coula edulis
3. couladin
4. coulage
5. coulaines
6. coulangeron
7. coulanges-la-vineuse
8. coulanges-sur-yonne
9. coulanges la vineuse
10. coulanges numa denis fustel de
11. coulanges sur yonne
12. coulant
13. Coulas
14. coulaures
15. Coulbourne
16. coulby
17. coulby gunther
18. coulby newham
19. coulby newham cathedral
20. could
21. could'st
22. could've
23. could've been
24. could've been you
25. could've predicted
26. could've sworn
27. could-be
28. could/couldn't care less
29. could/might just as well do something
30. could be
31. could be anything
32. could be better
33. could be forgiven for doing
34. could be worse
35. could be worse. a
36. could be worse a
37. could care fewer
38. could care less
39. could cost
40. could couldnt care less
41. could count on one hand
42. could cut with a knife
43. could do sth in their sleep
44. could do with
45. could do with one arm tied behind back
46. could do with one hand tied behind back
47. could do with sth
48. could do without
49. could do worse
50. could fight a circle-saw
51. could fight a circle saw
52. could fit on the back of a postage stamp
53. could give a damn
54. could go all day
55. could have
56. could have been a contender
57. could have been me
58. could have died of sth
59. could have done with
60. could have fooled me
61. could have kicked himself
62. could have sworn
63. could hear a pin drop
64. could hold a candle
65. could i be excused
66. could i be your girl
67. could i call you
68. could i come in
69. could i get by please
70. could i have a lift
71. could i have call you
72. could i have the bill
73. could i have the check
74. could i have this dance
75. could i have this kiss forever
76. could i help you
77. could i join you
78. could i leave a message
79. could i leave you
80. could i see you again
81. could i see you in my office
82. could i speak to
83. could i take a message
84. could i take your order
85. could i tell him who's calling
86. could i tell him whos calling
87. could i use your powder room
88. could in sleep
89. could it be
90. could it be... satan
91. could it be any harder
92. could it be i'm falling in love
93. could it be im falling in love
94. could it be magic
95. could it be satan
96. could it happen here
97. could might just as well do something
98. could murder sth
99. could not abide
100. could not care less

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