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1. be tacked together
2. be tah has gla
3. be tailor-made
4. be tailor-made for sth
5. be tailor made
6. be tailor made for sth
7. be take a weight off your mind
8. be take long
9. be taken
10. be taken aback
11. be taken bad
12. be taken by
13. be taken by/with
14. be taken by with
15. be taken for
16. be taken ill
17. be taken short
18. be taken up with
19. be taken with
20. be talking
21. be talking out of both sides of mouth
22. be talking something
23. be talking through hat
24. be tall
25. be tanked up
26. be tantamount to something
27. be tapped
28. be tarred with the same brush
29. be tas tni
30. be teed off
31. be tempered with
32. be tempted
33. be tempted to do something
34. be ten a penny
35. be tenacious
36. be tender with me baby
37. be tentative
38. be terrified
39. be testimony to sth
40. be thankful/grateful for small mercies
41. be thankful for
42. be thankful for small mercies
43. be thankful for what you got
44. be thankful grateful for small mercies
45. be that as it may
46. be the armpit of sth
47. be the armpit of the universe
48. be the armpit of the world
49. be the author
50. be the author of
51. be the base of
52. be the bee's knees
53. be the bees knees
54. be the belle of the ball
55. be the best of a bad bunch
56. be the best of a bad lot
57. be the best thing since sliced bread
58. be the better for something
59. be the bigger man
60. be the biz
61. be the bomb
62. be the boss
63. be the brains behind
64. be the business
65. be the butt of sb's jokes
66. be the butt of sbs jokes
67. be the butt of something
68. be the case
69. be the cat's whiskers
70. be the catcher
71. be the cats whiskers
72. be the cat’s pajamas/meow
73. be the cat’s pajamas meow
74. be the cat’s whiskers
75. be the cause
76. be the cause of
77. be the chairman
78. be the cowboy
79. be the creature
80. be the creature of sb/sth
81. be the creature of sb sth
82. be the dead spit of
83. be the death of
84. be the despair of
85. be the despair of sb
86. be the done thing/be done
87. be the done thing be done
88. be the effect
89. be the effect of
90. be the embodiment
91. be the end
92. be the end of the line
93. be the end of the road
94. be the end of the world
95. be the envy of
96. be the envy of sb
97. be the equivalent of
98. be the exception that proves the rule
99. be the explanation for
100. be the first to believe

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