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1. be i strong
2. be identical
3. be identical to
4. be idle
5. be ignorant
6. be ignorant of
7. be ill
8. be ill-disposed towards sb
9. be ill at ease
10. be ill disposed towards sb
11. be ill with
12. be imaan
13. be immersed
14. be imminent
15. be immobile
16. be immoderate
17. be immovable
18. be immune
19. be immured in
20. be impaired
21. be implicated in
22. be impolite
23. be impoverished
24. be impregnated with
25. be impressed
26. be impressive
27. be in
28. be in/get into a state
29. be in/go into ecstasies
30. be in/out of contention for sth
31. be in/out of focus
32. be in/out of luck
33. be in/out of the firing line
34. be in/out of the running
35. be in/out of touch
36. be in/out of tune with
37. be in/out of tune with sb/sth
38. be in/under sb's shadow
39. be in/under the shadow of sth
40. be in a bad foul etc temper
41. be in a bad way
42. be in a class by itself/of its own
43. be in a class by itself of its own
44. be in a class of your/its own
45. be in a class of your its own
46. be in a class of your own
47. be in a cleft stick
48. be in a different class
49. be in a different league
50. be in a dither
51. be in a dither about sth
52. be in a dream world
53. be in a fix
54. be in a funk
55. be in a groove
56. be in a hole
57. be in a hurry
58. be in a jam
59. be in a lather
60. be in a minority of one
61. be in a mood
62. be in a paddy/have a paddy
63. be in a paddy have a paddy
64. be in a person's shoes
65. be in a persons shoes
66. be in a pickle
67. be in a position to do sth
68. be in a quandary
69. be in a rage
70. be in a resting position
71. be in a reverie
72. be in a rut
73. be in a spin
74. be in a stew
75. be in a tearing hurry
76. be in a tight corner
77. be in a tight corner/spot
78. be in a tight corner spot
79. be in a tight spot
80. be in a transport of delight
81. be in a transport of joy
82. be in a whirl
83. be in a world of own
84. be in accordance with
85. be in action
86. be in agreement
87. be in aid of
88. be in and out
89. be in and out of somewhere
90. be in another person's shoes
91. be in another persons shoes
92. be in another world
93. be in antagonism
94. be in apple-pie order
95. be in apple pie order
96. be in arrears
97. be in at something
98. be in at the death
99. be in at the kill
100. be in attendance

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