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1. be had
2. be half-cut
3. be half-dead
4. be half bad
5. be half cut
6. be half dead
7. be half the [dancer etc.] used to be
8. be half the battle
9. be half the used to be
10. be halfway there
11. be hamstrung
12. be hand in glove
13. be handed down to
14. be handed over
15. be hang in the balance
16. be hanging over
17. be hanging over head
18. be hanging over someone's head
19. be hanging over someones head
20. be happy
21. be happy be mormon
22. be happy for someone
23. be happy to
24. be happy to do something
25. be har
26. be harbinger
27. be hard/tough to beat
28. be hard hit/hit hard
29. be hard hit hit hard
30. be hard on
31. be hard on sb
32. be hard on something
33. be hard pressed
34. be hard pushed
35. be hard put
36. be hard put to it
37. be hard to beat
38. be hard tough to beat
39. be hard up
40. be harmonious
41. be harnessed to
42. be hateful
43. be have a short fuse
44. be have done with
45. be have done with it
46. be have everything someone wants
47. be have nothing to do with sb
48. be have nothing to do with sb sth
49. be have something to do with something
50. be have something to do with sth
51. be having a baby twins etc
52. be head over heels
53. be headed
54. be headed for a fall
55. be heading/headed for something
56. be heading for a fall
57. be heading headed for something
58. be healthy
59. be hearing/imagining/seeing things
60. be hearing imagining seeing things
61. be hearing things
62. be heavily into sth
63. be heavy going
64. be heavy on sb
65. be heir to
66. be hell-bent on
67. be hell-bent on sth
68. be hell bent on
69. be hell bent on sth
70. be hell on
71. be hell on wheels
72. be helpful
73. be her own boss
74. be her own man
75. be her usual self
76. be heralded
77. be here
78. be here for
79. be here now
80. be here now tour
81. be here then
82. be here to love me
83. be here to stay
84. be herself
85. be hewn
86. be highly/well considered
87. be highly well considered
88. be himself
89. be his own boss
90. be his own man
91. be his usual self
92. be history
93. be hitting head against a brick wall
94. be hoist by own petard
95. be hoist with by your own petard
96. be hoist with own petard
97. be hoisted with own petard
98. be hoisting with own petard
99. be hoists with own petard
100. be holed up

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