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1. be b
2. be ba hi
3. be back
4. be back in business
5. be back in harness
6. be back in the swing of things
7. be back on the rails
8. be back on your feet
9. be back soon
10. be backed
11. be backed into a corner
12. be backed up
13. be backward in coming forward
14. be bad luck on sb
15. be bad news
16. be badly off
17. be bag
18. be bananas
19. be banded together
20. be bang on
21. be banging head against a brick wall
22. be barking mad
23. be barking up the wrong tree
24. be based on
25. be bathed
26. be batting a thousand
27. be baying for blood
28. be be good enough
29. be be on speakers
30. be beautiful but shut up
31. be beautifully well etc turned out
32. be beclouded
33. be become ankylosed
34. be become common currency
35. be become hardened to sth
36. be become legend
37. be become mired in something
38. be become naturalized
39. be become ones own man
40. be bedded in/on
41. be bedded in on
42. be before time
43. be beforehand with
44. be beh sha
45. be behind sb
46. be behind the eight ball
47. be behind the times
48. be behind the wheel
49. be behind time
50. be beholden
51. be below par
52. be below the belt
53. be bemired
54. be beneath you
55. be benevolent
56. be bent upon
57. be bereft of
58. be beset by
59. be beset with
60. be beside
61. be beside oneself
62. be beside the point
63. be beside yourself
64. be besieged
65. be best
66. be best friends
67. be best friends with
68. be betrothed to someone
69. be better
70. be better able to do something
71. be better off
72. be better than nothing
73. be better than sex
74. be betting on something
75. be bewildered
76. be beyond/past redemption
77. be beyond a joke
78. be beyond description
79. be beyond ken
80. be beyond past redemption
81. be beyond someone
82. be beyond the pale
83. be biased
84. be biauw tjoan
85. be big
86. be big in somewhere/sth
87. be big in somewhere sth
88. be big of
89. be big of sb
90. be big of someone
91. be big on
92. be big on something
93. be big on sth
94. be bigger than life
95. be bih zihde
96. be billed
97. be billed to sing/play etc
98. be billed to sing play etc
99. be bitten by the ... bug
100. be bitten by the bug

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