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1. are 'friends' electric
2. are a drag
3. are active
4. are adrift
5. are after
6. are all men alike
7. are all men pedophiles
8. are amiss
9. are at pains
10. are born
11. are castle
12. are crooks dishonest
13. are due
14. are friends electric
15. are friends with
16. are full
17. are given
18. are go
19. are hansen
20. are head and shoulders above
21. are holen
22. are in clinical trials
23. are in for sth
24. are intimate
25. are jishi camellia
26. are keep stay one jump ahead
27. are language
28. are languages
29. are locked in sth
30. are make a hit with
31. are marler
32. are men necessary
33. are my ears on straight
34. are my eyes deceiving me
35. are not able to for toffee
36. are not able to for toffy
37. are not above
38. are not worth a damn
39. are on
40. are one jump ahead
41. are ourselves
42. are out of breath
43. are pa
44. are parents people
45. are parish
46. are partial to
47. are put upon
48. are quiet
49. are rarely used novel or unknown
50. are sick
51. are stacked up
52. are stand head and shoulders above
53. are the kids alright
54. are themselves
55. are these our children
56. are these our parents
57. are u 4 real
58. are u ready
59. are u satisfied
60. are u still down
61. are u xperienced
62. are vested in sb/sth
63. are vested in sb sth
64. are vested with sth
65. are we all we are
66. are we alone
67. are we alone in the universe
68. are we changing planet earth
69. are we civilized
70. are we cuttin
71. are we dancing
72. are we done yet
73. are we experimental
74. are we in trouble now
75. are we men or corporals
76. are we nearly there yet
77. are we not horses
78. are we not men
79. are we ok
80. are we ourselves
81. are we there
82. are we there yet
83. are weapons
84. are well
85. are with it
86. are women people
87. are ye right there michael
88. are you
89. are you a boy or are you a girl
90. are you a man or a mouse
91. are you a rebel
92. are you afraid of the dark
93. are you allergic to any medications
94. are you alone
95. are you an egghead
96. are you anywhere
97. are you are missing winner
98. are you being served
99. are you being served again
100. are you blind

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