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We found 52 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word answer:
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Quick definitions from WordNet (answer)

noun:  a nonverbal reaction ("His answer to any problem was to get drunk")
noun:  the principle pleading by the defendant in response to plaintiff's complaint; in criminal law it consists of the defendant's plea of `guilty' or `not guilty' (or nolo contendere); in civil law it must contain denials of all allegations in the plaintiff's complaint that the defendant hopes to controvert and it can contain affirmative defenses or counterclaims
noun:  a statement (either spoken or written) that is made in reply to a question or request or criticism or accusation ("I waited several days for his answer")
noun:  the speech act of replying to a question
noun:  a statement that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem ("The answers were in the back of the book")
verb:  match or correspond ("The drawing of the suspect answers to the description the victim gave")
verb:  be liable or accountable ("She must answer for her actions")
verb:  understand the meaning of ("The question concerning the meaning of life cannot be answered")
verb:  give the correct answer or solution to ("Answer a question")
verb:  react to a stimulus or command ("The steering of my new car answers to the slightest touch")
verb:  respond to a signal ("Answer the door")
verb:  give a defence or refutation of (a charge) or in (an argument) ("The defendant answered to all the charges of the prosecution")
verb:  reply or respond to ("She didn't want to answer")
verb:  be satisfactory for; meet the requirements of or serve the purpose of ("This may answer her needs")
verb:  be sufficient; be adequate, either in quality or quantity ("A few words would answer")

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