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1. a ma temple
2. a mac
3. a macabre legacy
4. a maceo smith
5. a maceo smith high school
6. a maceo walker
7. a machine
8. a machine for pigs
9. a macularia
10. a maculatum
11. a mad & faithful telling
12. a mad couple well-match'd
13. a mad couple well matchd
14. a mad dash/rush
15. a mad dash rush
16. a mad tea-party
17. a mad tea party
18. a madea christmas
19. a madea family funeral
20. a madea holloween
21. a madhavan
22. a madhouse in goa
23. a madman's diary
24. a madman dreams of turing machines
25. a madmans diary
26. a madness so discreet
27. a madonna in laleli
28. a magasinet
29. a maggot
30. a magic moment
31. a magic touch
32. a magic wand
33. a magician never reveals his secrets
34. a maharajan
35. a mahendran
36. a maid in bedlam
37. a maid of constant sorrow
38. a maid of the silver sea
39. a maiden for a prince
40. a maidenhead well lost
41. a mail order hypnotist
42. a maiore
43. a maiore ad minus
44. a maitland emmet
45. a major
46. a majority of one
47. a majority of the entire membership
48. a majus
49. a malefactor
50. a malonyl coenzyme
51. a mama's boy
52. a mamas boy
53. a man
54. a man's a man for a' that
55. a man's best friend
56. a man's got to do what a man's got to do
57. a man's gotta do
58. a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do
59. a man's home is his castle
60. a man's job
61. a man's man
62. a man's mate
63. a man's not a camel
64. a man's prerogative
65. a man's reach should exceed his grasp
66. a man's thoughts
67. a man's way
68. a man's woman
69. a man-about-town
70. a man-eater
71. a man/woman/person of substance
72. a man/woman/person to be reckoned with
73. a man/woman/person to reckon with
74. a man/woman after your own heart
75. a man/woman of few words
76. a man/woman of his/her word
77. a man/woman of means
78. a man/woman of the world
79. a man - that's all
80. a man a plan a canal
81. a man about a dog
82. a man about the house
83. a man about town
84. a man after my own heart
85. a man after own heart
86. a man ain't made of stone
87. a man ain't supposed to cry
88. a man aint made of stone
89. a man aint supposed to cry
90. a man alive
91. a man alone
92. a man among men
93. a man amongst men
94. a man and a woman
95. a man and his cat
96. a man and his dog
97. a man and his money
98. a man and his music
99. a man and the blues
100. a man apart

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