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1. a claim of right for scotland
2. a clamp
3. a clare benediction
4. a clare tozzer
5. a clarinet
6. a clarion call
7. a clarke
8. a clarke bedford
9. a clarke dodge
10. a clash of cymbals
11. a clash of kings
12. a class
13. a class act
14. a class by himself
15. a class catamaran
16. a class destroyer
17. a class divided
18. a class lifeboat
19. a class melbourne tram
20. a class minehunter
21. a class submarine
22. a class to remember
23. a class torpedo boat
24. a classic case
25. a classic christmas
26. a classic education
27. a classical
28. a classy pair
29. a claudia moore
30. a clay
31. a claymation christmas celebration
32. a claymation easter
33. a clean bill of health
34. a clean breach
35. a clean break
36. a clean breast
37. a clean escape
38. a clean kill in tokyo
39. a clean sheet
40. a clean sheet/slate
41. a clean sheet slate
42. a clean slate
43. a clean slate/sheet
44. a clean slate sheet
45. a clean sweep
46. a clean well lighted place
47. a clear and present danger
48. a clear breach
49. a clear head
50. a clear run
51. a clearing in the distance
52. a clergyman's daughter
53. a clergymans daughter
54. a clerical error
55. a clever boots
56. a clever clogs
57. a clever dick
58. a clever dummy
59. a clifford jones
60. a climate for killing
61. a clinch mountain district
62. a clip round/on the ear
63. a clip round on the ear
64. a clip round the ear
65. a clip round the ear/earhole
66. a clip round the ear earhole
67. a clock work blue
68. a clockwork orange
69. a clockwork origin
70. a clone of my own
71. a close/near thing
72. a close call
73. a close call/shave/thing
74. a close call for boston blackie
75. a close call for ellery queen
76. a close call shave thing
77. a close near thing
78. a close second
79. a close shave
80. a close thing
81. a closed and common orbit
82. a closed book
83. a closed mouth catches no flies
84. a closed mouth gathers no feet
85. a closed sea
86. a closer look
87. a closer view
88. a closer walk
89. a cloud guru
90. a cloud hanging over sb
91. a cloud in trousers
92. a cloud on the horizon
93. a clouded name
94. a clubbable woman
95. a clyde roller
96. a clypeata
97. a clyton


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