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1. 'saliveone
2. a crack at someone
3. a go at someone
4. a piece of someone
5. a plague on someone
6. a pox on someone
7. a shot at someone
8. a stab at someone
9. abraham portaleone
10. account for someone
11. administrative divisions of sierra leone
12. aeone
13. aerfer leone
14. agriculture in sierra leone
15. alessandro monteleone
16. all right for someone
17. all the best to someone
18. alvaro pascual-leone
19. alvaro pascual leone
20. animeone
21. answer for someone
22. answer to someone
23. anthony corleone
24. anthony leone
25. apollonia vitelli-corleone
26. apollonia vitelli corleone
27. art in sierra leone
28. as is/does/has etc. someone
29. as is/does/has etc someone
30. as is does has etc someone
31. at the behest of someone
32. at the bidding of someone
33. at the discretion of someone
34. at the hands of someone
35. at the pleasure of someone
36. at the whim of someone
37. attach a label to someone
38. attribute something to someone
39. attribute to someone
40. bank of sierra leone
41. banking in sierra leone
42. baptist convention of sierra leone
43. baron michele leone
44. be/feel obligated to someone
45. be/get mixed up with someone
46. be/get one up on someone
47. be/get onto someone
48. be/go on at someone
49. be/mean the world to someone
50. be a credit to someone
51. be all one to someone
52. be an inspiration to someone
53. be ashamed of someone
54. be at someone
55. be betrothed to someone
56. be beyond someone
57. be big of someone
58. be borne in on/upon someone
59. be borne in on upon someone
60. be distantly related to someone
61. be down to someone
62. be eating someone
63. be feel obligated to someone
64. be get mixed up with someone
65. be get one up on someone
66. be get onto someone
67. be go on at someone
68. be happy for someone
69. be in good odor with someone
70. be in league with someone
71. be in the pocket of someone
72. be intimate with someone
73. be junior to someone
74. be like someone
75. be mean the world to someone
76. be more than a match for someone
77. be no match for someone
78. be of service to someone
79. be onto someone
80. be out to get someone
81. be responsible to someone
82. be rough on someone
83. be seeing someone
84. be soft on someone
85. be someone
86. be straight with someone
87. be survived by someone
88. be sweet on someone
89. be the making of someone
90. be the spitting image of someone
91. be too much for someone
92. be wasted on someone
93. be with someone
94. beat seven shades of shit out of someone
95. beat the bejesus out of someone
96. beat the pants off someone
97. beat the shit out of someone
98. beat the socks off someone
99. beat the stuffing out of someone
100. beat the tar out of someone

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