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1. 'scuse me while i kiss this guy
2. 'scuse me while i miss the sky
3. a long while
4. a quick one while he's away
5. a quick one while hes away
6. a while
7. after while
8. all the while
9. and while we were here
10. arrested for driving while blind
11. arrested while on probation for robbery
12. be worth someone’s while
13. be worth while
14. be worth your while
15. been a while
16. breathing while
17. catch me while i'm sleeping
18. catch me while im sleeping
19. chris while
20. difficulty breathing while lying down
21. do-while loop
22. do-while structure
23. do something while the going is good
24. do while loop
25. do while structure
26. dreaming while you sleep
27. driving while black
28. driving while impaired
29. driving while intoxicated
30. driving while teen
31. dying while black
32. dyskinesias while awake
33. eat while drinking
34. enjoy it while it lasts
35. entering house while contract under sale
36. every once in a while
37. fiddle while rome burns
38. fiddled while rome burns
39. fiddles while rome burns
40. fiddling while rome burns
41. flying while muslim
42. for a little while
43. for a while
44. formation evaluation while drilling
45. fraud while ordering goods
46. gather ye rosebuds while ye may
47. get it while it's hot
48. get it while its hot
49. get out while you can
50. get while the gettin 's good
51. get while the gettin s good
52. get while the goin 's good
53. get while the goin s good
54. got to get better in a little while
55. hit while the iron is hot
56. hold me for a while
57. hold me while i'm naked
58. hold me while im naked
59. i'd rather leave while i'm in love
60. i won't come in while he's there
61. i wont come in while hes there
62. id rather leave while im in love
63. in a little while
64. in a short while
65. in a while
66. in love for a while
67. injured while leaving office building
68. it only hurts for a little while
69. it was fun while it lasted
70. just a little while
71. kellie while
72. laughing all the while
73. let's love while we can
74. lets love while we can
75. live while we're young
76. live while were young
77. logging while drilling
78. love is eternal while it lasts
79. made hay while the sun shines
80. make hay while the sun shines
81. make it worth someone’s while
82. make it worth while
83. make sth/it worth your while
84. make sth it worth your while
85. makes hay while the sun shines
86. making hay while the sun shines
87. masturbate while strangling oneself
88. measurement while drilling
89. measurements-while-drilling
90. measurements while drilling
91. music for a while
92. music while you work
93. not not while the giro
94. not while i'm around
95. not while im around
96. not worth while
97. once in a while
98. only here for a little while
99. paternoster while
100. quit while one is ahead

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