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1. checking whether a coin is fair
2. i wonder if whether
3. its not whether you win or lose its how you play the game
4. know whether are coming or going
5. know whether to laugh or cry
6. not know whether one is arthur or martha
7. not know whether one is coming or going
8. not know whether to laugh or cry
9. not know whether to shit or go blind
10. not know whether to spit or go blind
11. not know whether you are coming or going
12. see if whether you can do something
13. whether
14. whether...or whether
15. whether custom cleared or not
16. whether in berth or not
17. whether in free praqtique or not
18. whether in port or not
19. whether or
20. whether or no
21. whether or not
22. whether that
23. whetheror whether
24. whether…or whether


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