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1. aqua something you know whatever
2. at whatever time
3. call it whatever
4. down for whatever
5. for some whatever reason
6. forever or whatever
7. here you can get whatever you want
8. i can do whatever i'm white
9. i can do whatever im white
10. in whatever manner
11. in whatever way
12. ok fine whatever
13. or whatever
14. ready for whatever
15. united states of whatever
16. we can do whatever
17. what whatever sb says goes
18. whatever
19. whatever and ever amen
20. whatever comes first
21. whatever creams your twinkie
22. whatever else one may say
23. whatever floats boat
24. whatever floats your boat
25. whatever gets you off
26. whatever gets you through the day
27. whatever gets you thru the night
28. whatever happened to... robot jones
29. whatever happened to baby jane
30. whatever happened to benny santini
31. whatever happened to corey haim
32. whatever happened to dobie gillis
33. whatever happened to green valley
34. whatever happened to harold smith
35. whatever happened to janie
36. whatever happened to jugula
37. whatever happened to love
38. whatever happened to micheal ray
39. whatever happened to mr. garibaldi
40. whatever happened to mr garibaldi
41. whatever happened to old-fashioned love
42. whatever happened to old fashioned love
43. whatever happened to p.j. soles
44. whatever happened to pj soles
45. whatever happened to robot jones
46. whatever happened to sarah jane
47. whatever happened to slade
48. whatever happened to the caped crusader
49. whatever happened to the hall of fame
50. whatever happened to the likely lads
51. whatever happened to the man of tomorrow
52. whatever happened to vileness fats
53. whatever happens
54. whatever i do
55. whatever i say is royal ocean
56. whatever it is
57. whatever it may take
58. whatever it takes
59. whatever julie wants
60. whatever lola wants
61. whatever love means
62. whatever may come
63. whatever nevermind
64. whatever next
65. whatever one damn/damned well pleases
66. whatever one damn damned well pleases
67. whatever possessed him/her/you/them
68. whatever possessed him her you them
69. whatever she's got
70. whatever she wants
71. whatever shes got
72. whatever the case
73. whatever the case may be
74. whatever the case might be
75. whatever the road
76. whatever tickles your fancy
77. whatever turns on
78. whatever turns you on
79. whatever u like
80. whatever u want
81. whatever we wanna
82. whatever we want
83. whatever will be
84. whatever will be will be
85. whatever with alexis and jennifer
86. whatever works
87. whatever you believe
88. whatever you do
89. whatever you like
90. whatever you need
91. whatever you say
92. whatever you want
93. whatever you wish
94. yessir whatever


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