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1. academic ranking of world universities
2. academic staff union of universities
3. adelaide universities regiment
4. agricultural universities
5. american association of universities
6. ancient universities
7. ancient universities in europe
8. ancient universities of scotland
9. antisemitism in universities
10. armorial of british universities
11. asian universities alliance
12. association of african universities
13. association of american universities
14. association of arab universities
15. association of commonwealth universities
16. association of indian universities
17. association of pacific rim universities
18. australian universities quality agency
19. balkan universities network
20. belarus universities
21. best chinese universities ranking
22. big ten universities
23. black sea universities network
24. black universities
25. brand rankings of japanese universities
26. brics universities league
27. british universities
28. british universities and colleges sport
29. british universities cricket team
30. british universities snowsports council
31. brussels universities cross
32. cal poly universities rose float
33. cambridge mcc universities
34. cambridge universities labour club
35. campus universities
36. catholic universities
37. chilean traditional universities
38. chinese universities
39. city universities
40. civic universities
41. colleges and universities
42. colleges and universities of milwaukee
43. combined universities gaa
44. combined universities in cornwall
45. compostela group of universities
46. council of ontario universities
47. cyber spying on universities
48. dutch universities
49. east midlands universities air squadron
50. eurasian universities union
51. european universities association
52. european universities championships
53. european universities games
54. eurotech universities alliance
55. flagship korean national universities
56. free universities
57. german excellence universities
58. german universities
59. great cities' universities
60. great cities universities
61. hawaii universities
62. historically black universities
63. history of european universities
64. history of universities in scotland
65. iau universities list
66. imperial universities
67. indian universities cricket team
68. innovative research universities
69. intercultural universities in mexico
70. international network of universities
71. irish universities
72. irish universities association
73. irish universities football union
74. irish universities rugby union
75. japan center for michigan universities
76. land-grant colleges and universities
77. land-grant universities
78. land grant colleges and universities
79. land grant universities
80. laureate international universities
81. league of european research universities
82. league tables of british universities
83. list of alternative universities
84. list of american state universities
85. list of argentine universities
86. list of british universities
87. list of central universities in india
88. list of chinese universities
89. list of colleges and universities
90. list of czech universities
91. list of deemed universities
92. list of deemed universities in india
93. list of deobandi universities
94. list of detc online universities
95. list of egyptian universities
96. list of elca colleges and universities
97. list of historical universities in japan
98. list of israeli universities
99. list of italian universities
100. list of land-grant universities

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