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1. 9 tales of space and time
2. a changed man and other tales
3. a dreamer's tales
4. a dreamers tales
5. a new account of the tales of the world
6. alf tales
7. allan's wife and other tales
8. allans wife and other tales
9. american fairy tales
10. american fantastic tales
11. american gothic tales
12. american mcgee's grimm tales
13. american mcgees grimm tales
14. amfibian tales
15. angel tales
16. animal fairy tales
17. animated tales of gwar
18. animated tales of the world
19. astonishing tales
20. audrey hepburn's enchanted tales
21. audrey hepburns enchanted tales
22. aunt louisa's oft told tales
23. aunt louisas oft told tales
24. australian legendary tales
25. azerbaijani fairy tales
26. baltic origins of homer's epic tales
27. baltic origins of homers epic tales
28. barber's tales
29. barbers tales
30. beast tales
31. beastly tales
32. beastly tales from here and there
33. bedtime tales
34. beechwood bunny tales
35. beelzebub's tales
36. beelzebub's tales to his grandson
37. beelzebubs tales
38. beelzebubs tales to his grandson
39. belkin tales
40. belle's tales of friendship
41. belles tales of friendship
42. bloody tales of disgraced lands
43. book of lost tales
44. book of lost tales 1
45. book of unwritten tales
46. book of unwritten tales 2
47. bordello death tales
48. bounce tales
49. britannica's tales around the world
50. britannicas tales around the world
51. bubsy in fractured furry tales
52. budapest tales
53. bugs bunny's looney christmas tales
54. bugs bunnys looney christmas tales
55. burt gillett's toddle tales
56. burt gilletts toddle tales
57. campfire tales
58. cannon movie tales
59. cantebury tales
60. Canterbury Tales
61. canterbury tales the
62. canterbuty tales
63. canturbury tales
64. capek's tales
65. capeks tales
66. carry tales
67. cat o'nine tales
68. cat onine tales
69. cat tales
70. cat tales zoological park
71. catching tales
72. cautionary tales
73. cautionary tales for children
74. cautionary tales for the brave
75. centerburg tales
76. charlie brown's christmas tales
77. charlie browns christmas tales
78. children's and household tales
79. childrens and household tales
80. chinese tales
81. christmas tales
82. circular tales
83. clerkenwell tales
84. conker's pocket tales
85. conkers pocket tales
86. cottonfish tales
87. cow tales
88. cradle tales of hinduism
89. croatian tales of long ago
90. dagon and other macabre tales
91. damascus roof and tales of paradise
92. dark tales
93. dark tales of japan
94. darkness with tales to tell
95. dead men do tell tales
96. dead men tell no tales
97. decem tales
98. demi-tasse tales
99. demi tasse tales
100. demon and other tales

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