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1. a house divided cannot stand
2. a house not meant to stand
3. a leg to stand on
4. a man could stand up
5. a man could stand up --
6. a one-night stand
7. a one night stand
8. a place to stand
9. a stand-up triple
10. a stand of arms
11. a stand up triple
12. a time to stand
13. academics stand against poverty
14. achilles last stand
15. africa stand alone
16. aircraft stand
17. alex's lemonade stand
18. alex's lemonade stand foundation
19. alexs lemonade stand
20. alexs lemonade stand foundation
21. all-aged or uneven-aged stand
22. all aged or uneven aged stand
23. all stand up
24. altar stand
25. american band stand
26. amman stand-up comedy festival
27. amman stand up comedy festival
28. an empty sack cannot stand upright
29. animation stand
30. arm stand
31. art's famous chili dog stand
32. arts famous chili dog stand
33. as matters stand
34. as things stand
35. at a stand
36. axle stand
37. b-stand blues
38. b stand blues
39. basin-stand
40. basin stand
41. bear stand comparison
42. been at a stand
43. being at a stand
44. bicycle stand
45. blow this pop stand
46. blow this popsicle stand
47. bob stand
48. brick tavern stand
49. bus stand
50. c-stand
51. c stand
52. cab stand
53. cake stand
54. can't stand
55. can't stand it
56. can't stand losing you
57. can't stand me now
58. can't stand still
59. can't stand the pace
60. can't stand the rezillos
61. can't stand the sight of sb/sth
62. can you stand the rain
63. cannot/can't stand
64. cannot cant stand
65. cant stand
66. cant stand it
67. cant stand losing you
68. cant stand me now
69. cant stand still
70. cant stand the pace
71. cant stand the rezillos
72. cant stand the sight of sb sth
73. capacity to stand suffering
74. central bus stand
75. chatram bus stand
76. checkpoint charlie stand-off
77. checkpoint charlie stand off
78. chest stand
79. christmas tree stand
80. clamp stand
81. coat stand
82. colonel custard's last stand
83. colonel custards last stand
84. competent to stand trial
85. concession stand
86. concessions stand
87. coney island hot dog stand
88. control stand
89. copy stand
90. couldn't stand the weather
91. couldn't stand the weather tour
92. couldnt stand the weather
93. couldnt stand the weather tour
94. covenant to stand seised to uses
95. covered stand
96. cruet-stand
97. cruet stand
98. custard's last stand
99. custards last stand
100. Custer's Last Stand

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