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1. !!!fuck you!!! and then some
2. -some
3. ... and some were human
4. ...or some such
5. 3 some
6. a match and some gasoline
7. a matter of some concern
8. a some semblance of something
9. add some music to your day
10. all and some
11. all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others
12. all right for some
13. all the way... and then some
14. all the way and then some
15. allow some elbow room
16. and some fell on stony ground
17. and some were human
18. and then some
19. appear at some time
20. apply some pressure
21. are you ready for some more
22. arrange for some time
23. arrange some music for
24. arrive at the stroke of some time
25. arrive on the stroke of some time
26. arrive some place in a body
27. assimilate with some people
28. at some distance
29. at some juncture
30. at some length
31. at some place
32. at some point
33. at some time
34. at some time in the future
35. at some time or other
36. at some time sharp
37. bag some rays
38. banish from some place
39. bar from some place
40. be in some specified condition
41. be in some specified state
42. bed down some place
43. belouis some
44. beyond some emotional response
45. blaze some hate
46. block in some place
47. bring in some place
48. bring me some water
49. bring over from some place
50. bring over some place)
51. buncoing some
52. bust ass out of some place
53. bust out of some place
54. bustle about some place
55. buy some food to go
56. by some
57. by some distance
58. by some miracle
59. call at some place
60. carry into some place
61. catch/bag some rays
62. catch/cop/get some z's
63. catch/get some z’s
64. catch bag some rays
65. catch cop get some zs
66. catch get some z’s
67. catch me some other time
68. catch some air
69. catch some rays
70. catch some z's
71. catch some zees
72. catch some zs
73. catches some zs
74. catching some zs
75. caught some zs
76. chase from some place
77. chase in some place
78. chase out of some place
79. chase out of some place to drive
80. chuck out of some place
81. clap in some place
82. clear from some place
83. clear out of some place
84. combine for some evil design
85. come down to some place
86. come get some
87. come home from some place
88. commute from some place
89. complete collection and then some
90. comport oneself with some manner
91. concentrate at some place
92. cop some zeds
93. cop some zs
94. crack some suds
95. crawling with some kind of creature
96. cross from some place to some place
97. cross over into some place
98. crowd in some place
99. cut/give someone some slack
100. cut give someone some slack

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