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1. a softly softly approach
2. come softly to me
3. cry softly
4. cry softly lonely one
5. guitars sound softly through the night
6. killing 'em softly
7. killing em softly
8. killing me softly
9. killing me softly with her song
10. killing me softly with his song
11. killing them softly
12. killing us softly
13. laugh softly
14. laughed softly
15. laughing softly
16. laughs softly
17. love comes softly
18. melting me softly
19. pilling them softly
20. rosie swings softly
21. sing me softly of the blues
22. sing softly
23. soaring softly
24. softly
25. softly-softly
26. softly-softly approach
27. softly-spoken
28. softly and tenderly
29. softly as a summer breeze
30. softly from paris
31. softly softly
32. softly softly approach
33. softly spoken
34. softly whispering i love you
35. speak softly
36. speak softly and carry a big stick
37. swing softly
38. talk softly and carry a big stick
39. through the devil softly
40. tread-softly
41. tread softly
42. tread softly stranger
43. turn the key softly
44. very softly
45. walk softly and carry a big stick
46. you walk so softly


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