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1. a salty dog
2. a salty piece of land
3. ballad of the salty sea
4. captain bogg and salty
5. chef's chocolate salty balls
6. chefs chocolate salty balls
7. chocolate salty balls
8. jump salty
9. mister salty
10. ocean breathes salty
11. one too many salty swift and not goodbye
12. original salty dogs
13. original salty dogs jazz band
14. salty
15. salty and roselle
16. salty brine
17. salty dawg saloon
18. salty dog
19. salty dog blues
20. salty dogs
21. salty du rand
22. salty holmes
23. salty licorice
24. salty liquorice
25. salty o'rourke
26. salty orourke
27. salty parker
28. salty saltwell
29. salty the seal
30. salty tour
31. salty water
32. syracuse salty dogs
33. tall ships and salty dogs
34. the ballad of the salty sea
35. the original salty dogs jazz band


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