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1. afaqi khoja revolts
2. atlanta freeway revolts
3. bashmurian revolts
4. canut revolts
5. common sense revolts
6. federalist revolts
7. freeway and expressway revolts
8. freeway revolts
9. helot revolts
10. highway revolts
11. highway revolts in the united states
12. janissary revolts
13. jelali revolts
14. jewish revolts
15. list of byzantine revolts and civil wars
16. list of peasant revolts
17. list of revolts during suleiman's reign
18. list of revolts during suleimans reign
19. list of roman civil wars and revolts
20. mahmud barzanji revolts
21. muslim revolts in granada
22. mussulman revolts
23. peasant revolts
24. philippine revolts against spain
25. pima revolts
26. popular revolts in late-medieval europe
27. popular revolts in late medieval europe
28. revolts
29. samaritan revolts
30. shoubak revolts
31. slave revolts
32. tenente revolts
33. tianshui revolts


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