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1. agonies of guilt remorse regret
2. bayesian regret
3. everlasting regret
4. expression of regret
5. feel regret
6. forgive and regret
7. full of regret
8. high prophet of regret
9. i/we regret to inform/tell you that
10. i only regret that i have but one life to lose for my country
11. i we regret to inform tell you that
12. live to regret
13. live to regret something
14. lived to regret
15. lives to regret
16. living to regret
17. love and regret
18. maximin regret
19. mini-maxi regret
20. mini maxi regret
21. much to someone's regret
22. much to someones regret
23. much to the regret of
24. namida no regret
25. no regret
26. no regret life
27. no regret peak
28. nothing to regret
29. regret
30. regret criterion
31. regret in your tears
32. regret iyer
33. regret profoundly
34. regret rape
35. regret theory
36. regret to inform
37. regret to say
38. repetitive regret
39. show regret for
40. someone will live to regret something
41. swap regret
42. tattoo regret
43. united in regret
44. view with regret
45. without regret
46. you can't regret what you don't remember
47. you cant regret what you dont remember
48. you get sick; you regret things
49. you will regret


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