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1. action for economic reforms
2. administrative reforms commission
3. administrative reforms in kerala
4. agrarian reforms
5. agrarian reforms in cuba
6. albanian party of democratic reforms
7. alliance towards reforms
8. almohad reforms
9. association for democratic reforms
10. bourbon reforms
11. cardwell reforms
12. childers reforms
13. chinese economic reforms
14. cluniac reforms
15. clunian reforms
16. coalition for reforms and democracy
17. constitutional reforms in kenya
18. constitutional reforms of augustus
19. constitutional reforms of julius caesar
20. constitutional reforms of sulla
21. counter-reforms
22. counter reforms
23. democratic reforms party
24. diocletian reforms
25. early reforms under islam
26. economic reforms in china
27. economic reforms in india
28. economic reforms in pakistan
29. economic reforms under peter the great
30. florentine military reforms
31. foundation for democratic reforms
32. gabo reforms
33. gracchus reforms
34. great reforms in russia
35. gregorian reforms
36. haldane reforms
37. josephine reforms
38. kansei reforms
39. land reforms
40. land reforms by country
41. late qing reforms
42. leasehold reforms
43. liberal reforms
44. liberal welfare reforms
45. list of language reforms of english
46. list of reforms of the english language
47. liturgical reforms of pope pius xii
48. make reforms in
49. marian reforms
50. market reforms of alauddin khalji
51. mid-term review reforms
52. mid term review reforms
53. minister of public management reforms
54. ministry of agricultural reforms
55. ministry of justice and law reforms
56. ministry of public management reforms
57. minto-morley reforms
58. minto morley reforms
59. mohammad khatami's reforms
60. mohammad khatamis reforms
61. montagu-chelmsford reforms
62. montagu chelmsford reforms
63. montague-chelmsford reforms
64. montague chelmsford reforms
65. montford reforms
66. morley-minto reforms
67. morley minto reforms
68. moroccan plan of reforms
69. muensterschwarzach reforms
70. munsterschwarzach reforms
71. neoliberal reforms in chile
72. nhs reforms
73. non-party block for supporitng reforms
74. non-reformist reforms
75. non party block for supporitng reforms
76. non reformist reforms
77. nonpartisan bloc for support of reforms
78. nsa reforms
79. ottoman military reforms
80. ottoman reforms
81. pact of democrats for reforms
82. party for development and reforms
83. party for society and reforms
84. party of democratic reforms
85. party of development and reforms
86. party of reforms and freedom of wallonia
87. penal reforms
88. pension reforms in armenia
89. peter the great's reforms
90. peter the greats reforms
91. pius xii reforms of canon law
92. pius xii reforms of eastern canon law
93. polish local government reforms
94. pombaline reforms
95. pope francis' annulment reforms
96. pope francis annulment reforms
97. pope pius xii liturgy reforms
98. popular coalition of reforms
99. popular party of reforms
100. portuguese spelling reforms

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