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1. almost but not quite there
2. be really quite something
3. clearly quite absurd
4. cut quite a figure/dash
5. cut quite a figure dash
6. feel quite oneself
7. for quite some time
8. get/take quite a hammering
9. get quite a hammering
10. get take quite a hammering
11. girl who couldn't quite
12. girl who couldnt quite
13. i'm having quite a time
14. i never quite got back
15. im having quite a time
16. it doesn't quite suit me
17. it doesnt quite suit me
18. not quite
19. not quite a husband
20. not quite a lady
21. not quite c
22. not quite dead
23. not quite dead enough
24. not quite decent
25. not quite hollywood
26. not quite human
27. not quite human ii
28. not quite jerusalem
29. not quite paradise
30. not quite the diplomat
31. now that's what i call quite good
32. now thats what i call quite good
33. quite
34. quite a
35. quite a/quite some
36. quite a bit
37. quite a change
38. quite a common fairy
39. quite a few
40. quite a little
41. quite a lot
42. quite a lot/a bit/a few
43. quite a lot a bit a few
44. quite a number
45. quite a quite some
46. quite a ride
47. quite a ways
48. quite a while
49. quite a ——
50. quite an
51. quite apart from
52. quite contrary
53. quite frankly/honestly
54. quite frankly honestly
55. quite frankly with stephen a. smith
56. quite frankly with stephen a smith
57. quite interesting
58. quite interesting limited
59. quite interresting
60. quite like/enjoy something
61. quite like enjoy something
62. quite miss home
63. quite right
64. quite so
65. quite some
66. quite some time
67. quite something
68. quite the
69. quite the best worst etc
70. quite the contrary
71. quite the little
72. quite the opposite/reverse
73. quite the opposite reverse
74. quite the reverse
75. quite the thing
76. quite the worst/the best etc
77. quite the worst the best etc
78. quite ugly one morning
79. quite universal circuit simulator
80. something quite peculiar
81. still not quite human
82. take quite a hammering
83. that’s quite all right
84. the girl who couldn't quite
85. the girl who couldnt quite
86. there's no-one quite like grandma
87. there's no one quite like grandma
88. theres no one quite like grandma
89. this doesn't quite suit me
90. this doesnt quite suit me
91. “mary mary quite contrary”


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