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1. aichi prefectural assembly
2. aichi prefectural ceramic museum
3. aichi prefectural government office
4. aichi prefectural gymnasium
5. aichi prefectural museum of art
6. aichi prefectural university
7. akita prefectural gymnasium
8. akita prefectural university
9. akkeshi prefectural natural park
10. akune prefectural natural park
11. aomori prefectural aomori high school
12. aomori prefectural folk museum
13. aomori prefectural museum
14. chiba prefectural board of education
15. esan prefectural natural park
16. fukiagehama prefectural natural park
17. fukui prefectural dinosaur museum
18. fukui prefectural school for the deaf
19. fukui prefectural university
20. fukuoka prefectural fukuoka high school
21. fukuoka prefectural shuyukan high school
22. fukushima prefectural museum of art
23. gifu prefectural baseball stadium
24. gunma prefectural government building
25. hannan-misaki prefectural natural park
26. hannan misaki prefectural natural park
27. higashi sankei prefectural natural park
28. hiroshima prefectural art museum
29. hiroshima prefectural sports center
30. hiyama prefectural natural park
31. hokkaido prefectural board of education
32. hokkaido prefectural sports center
33. hokusetsu prefectural natural park
34. hyogo prefectural museum of art
35. imutaike prefectural natural park
36. irabu prefectural natural park
37. ishikawa prefectural history museum
38. ishikawa prefectural university
39. iwate prefectural assembly
40. iwate prefectural board of education
41. iwate prefectural university
42. kagawa prefectural baseball complex
43. kagoshima prefectural college
44. kanagawa prefectural board of education
45. kariba-motta prefectural natural park
46. kariba motta prefectural natural park
47. koshikijima prefectural natural park
48. kumamoto prefectural museum of art
49. kumamoto prefectural theater
50. kumejima prefectural natural park
51. kyoto prefectural university
52. list of prefectural capitals in japan
53. list of prefectural governors in japan
54. mie prefectural college of nursing
55. nagasaki prefectural university
56. nakuidake prefectural natural park
57. nara prefectural museum of art
58. nara prefectural museum of folklore
59. niigata prefectural botanical garden
60. niigata prefectural civic center
61. north okhotsk prefectural natural park
62. okayama prefectural museum
63. okayama prefectural museum of art
64. okinawa prefectural assembly
65. okinawa prefectural board of education
66. okinawa prefectural museum
67. okinawa prefectural railways
68. okinawa prefectural university of arts
69. okuyugawara prefectural natural park
70. osaka prefectural assembly
71. osaka prefectural board of education
72. osaka prefectural chikatsu asuka museum
73. osaka prefectural gymnasium
74. osaka prefectural kitano high school
75. osaka prefectural nakanoshima library
76. osaka prefectural university
77. prefectural
78. prefectural earth defense force
79. prefectural gymnasium
80. prefectural museum
81. prefectural natural park
82. prefectural road
83. prefectural roads of japan
84. prefectural university
85. rurikei prefectural natural park
86. saga prefectural nagoya castle museum
87. saitama prefectural kasukabe high school
88. saitama prefectural university
89. sayama prefectural natural park
90. sharidake prefectural natural park
91. shibireko prefectural natural park
92. shizuoka prefectural museum of art
93. shizuoka prefectural susono high school
94. shumarinai prefectural natural park
95. takao jinba prefectural natural park
96. taki renzan prefectural natural park
97. takiyama prefectural natural park
98. taradake prefectural natural park
99. teshiodake prefectural natural park
100. tochigi prefectural museum

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