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1. 'til i can make it on my own
2. 1st duke of york's own skinner's horse
3. 1st duke of yorks own skinners horse
4. 2nd king edward vii's own gurkha rifles
5. 2nd king edward viis own gurkha rifles
6. 3rd the king's own hussars
7. 3rd the kings own hussars
8. 4th prince of wales's own gurkha rifles
9. 4th prince of waless own gurkha rifles
10. 4th queen's own hussars
11. 4th queens own hussars
12. 5th king edward's own probyn's horse
13. 5th king edwards own probyns horse
14. 6th king edward's own cavalry
15. 6th king edwards own cavalry
16. 6th queen elizabeth's own gurkha rifles
17. 6th queen elizabeths own gurkha rifles
18. 7th queen's own hussars
19. 7th queens own hussars
20. 8th king george's own light cavalry
21. 8th king georges own light cavalry
22. a bathroom of her own
23. a boy's own story
24. a boys own story
25. a clone of my own
26. a demon of our own design
27. a dose of one's own medicine
28. a dose of ones own medicine
29. a dose of own medicine
30. a frolic of his own
31. a girl's own story
32. a girls own story
33. a hole of my own making
34. a home of our own
35. a home of your own
36. a language all my own
37. a league of their own
38. a leela of her own
39. a legend in his/her own lifetime
40. a legend in his her own lifetime
41. a legend in one's own time
42. a legend in ones own time
43. a life of her own
44. a life of its own
45. a man/woman after your own heart
46. a man after my own heart
47. a man after own heart
48. a man woman after your own heart
49. a mind of its own
50. a mind of own
51. a place of my own
52. a place of one's own
53. a place of ones own
54. a place of our own
55. a place to call ones own
56. a place to call own
57. a prophet is not without honor save in his own country
58. a rod for your own back
59. a room of one's own
60. a room of ones own
61. a stranger in my own back yard
62. a structure's own weight
63. a structures own weight
64. a taste/dose of someone's own medicine
65. a taste dose of someones own medicine
66. a taste of one's own medicine
67. a taste of ones own medicine
68. a taste of own medicine
69. a taste of your own medicine
70. a war of our own
71. a will of their own
72. a woman after own heart
73. a world of his own
74. a world of our own
75. according to own lights
76. act/do sth on your own responsibility
77. act do sth on your own responsibility
78. act of seeing with one's own eyes
79. act of seeing with ones own eyes
80. act on one’s own authority
81. adopt and pass off as one’s own
82. adopt as one’s own
83. adventures in your own backyard
84. afraid/scared of your own shadow
85. afraid of own shadow
86. afraid scared of your own shadow
87. after god's own heart
88. after gods own heart
89. after his own heart
90. after one's own heart
91. after one`s own heart
92. after ones own heart
93. after own heart
94. after your own heart
95. all i have to offer is my own confusion
96. all on our own
97. all our own work
98. all someone's own
99. all someones own
100. all the estate i own

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