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1. bow oars
2. doesn't have both oars in the water
3. doesnt have both oars in the water
4. eight-oars
5. eight oars
6. feathering oars
7. four-oars
8. four oars
9. harpoon oars
10. laboring oars
11. lie on the oars
12. muffle the oars
13. oars
14. oars-iadl
15. oars-mfaq
16. oars iadl
17. oars mfaq
18. pair-oars
19. pair oars
20. propel with oars
21. rest on one's oars
22. rest on ones oars
23. rest on one’s oars
24. ship oars
25. spoon oars
26. steer oars
27. steering oars
28. stroke oars
29. sweep oars
30. to back the oars
31. to boat the oars
32. to feather the oars
33. to lie on the oars
34. to muffle the oars
35. to ship the oars
36. to toss the oars
37. to trail oars
38. to unship the oars


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