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1. aurealis award for best fantasy novella
2. basilica of santa maria novella
3. bivacco giorgio e renzo novella
4. black orchid novella award
5. e-novella
6. e novella
7. firenze santa maria novella
8. graphic novella
9. guilhem augier novella
10. guillem augier novella
11. historia novella
12. hugo award for best novella
13. la buona novella
14. la plana novella
15. lavatera trimestris novella
16. locus award for best novella
17. mionochroma novella
18. nebula award for best novella
19. novella
20. novella calligaris
21. novella carpenter
22. novella d'andrea
23. novella dandrea
24. novella fuchsia
25. novella ii shelling pea
26. novella jewell trott
27. novella king
28. novella matveyeva
29. novella nelson
30. novella parigini
31. novella reservoir
32. novella shelling pea
33. palazzina reale di santa maria novella
34. piazza santa maria novella
35. santa maria novella
36. santa maria novella station
37. starkeya novella
38. steve novella
39. steven novella
40. steven p. novella
41. steven p novella
42. the novella
43. the novella reservoir
44. world fantasy award for best novella


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