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1. brotherhood of evil mutants
2. brotherhood of mutants
3. communist mutants from space
4. curse of the mutants
5. ex-mutants
6. ex mutants
7. fall of the mutants
8. happy mutants
9. list of brotherhood of mutants members
10. list of marvel comics mutants
11. list of mutants in marvel comics
12. list of mutants in the hills have eyes
13. mice neurologic mutants
14. midnight mutants
15. mutants
16. mutants & masterminds
17. mutants and masterminds
18. mutants are revolting
19. mutants down under
20. mutants in avalon
21. mutants in fiction
22. mutants in orbit
23. mutants of the yucatan
24. new mutants
25. slow mutants
26. temperature sensitive mutants
27. the fall of the mutants
28. the mutants
29. the mutants are revolting
30. the new mutants
31. the slow mutants


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