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1. a drunk man looks at the thistle
2. a pirate looks at fifty
3. a pirate looks at forty
4. an englishman looks at the world
5. been down so long it looks like up to me
6. black looks
7. bob welch looks at bop
8. by the looks of things
9. devil looks after his own
10. dirty looks
11. doggy dinner bowl looks
12. dorothy looks for love
13. dress looks nice on you
14. equity looks upon that as done
15. exchange looks
16. girl-next-door looks
17. girl next door looks
18. good looks
19. hot looks
20. how mercy looks from here
21. if looks could kill
22. impair the looks of
23. in the brain looks department
24. it's even worse than it looks
25. it looks like a bomb's hit it
26. it looks like a bombs hit it
27. it looks like rain
28. it looks like snow
29. it looks sad
30. it seems looks appears
31. its even worse than it looks
32. joco looks back
33. lack-looks
34. lack looks
35. last looks at the lilacs
36. life looks better in spring
37. looks
38. looks a fright
39. looks a million dollars
40. looks a picture
41. looks a treat
42. looks across
43. looks after
44. looks after sb/sth
45. looks after sb sth
46. looks age
47. looks ahead
48. looks ahead to
49. looks and feel
50. looks and feels
51. looks and smiles
52. looks appearances can be deceiving
53. looks around
54. looks at
55. looks at life
56. looks at sth
57. looks away
58. looks back
59. looks back at
60. looks back on
61. looks backward
62. looks beyond
63. looks can be deceiving
64. looks can be deceiving/deceptive
65. looks can be deceiving deceptive
66. looks can be deceptive
67. looks daggers
68. looks daggers at
69. looks down
70. looks down her nose
71. looks down his nose
72. looks down its nose
73. looks down on
74. looks down on sb
75. looks down one's nose
76. looks down ones nose
77. looks down our nose
78. looks down their nose
79. looks down your nose
80. looks down your nose at sb
81. looks for
82. looks for all the world like
83. looks for trouble
84. looks forward
85. looks forward to
86. looks forward to sth
87. looks in
88. looks in on
89. looks in the eye
90. looks in the face
91. looks into
92. looks into sth
93. looks kindly on
94. looks like
95. looks like a job for
96. looks like a million dollars
97. looks like chaplin
98. looks like rain
99. looks like the cat brought
100. looks like trouble

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