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1. 1st airlanding light regiment
2. 1st arkansas light artillery
3. 1st bengal light cavalry
4. 1st continental light dragoons
5. 1st light car patrol
6. 1st light cavalry division
7. 1st light division
8. 1st light horse brigade
9. 1st light mechanized division
10. 1st minnesota light artillery battery
11. 1st new hampshire light battery
12. 1st new york light artillery battalion
13. 1st regiment greek light infantry
14. 2nd arkansas light artillery
15. 2nd battalion oxfordshire light infantry
16. 2nd continental light dragoons
17. 2nd light cavalry division
18. 2nd light cruiser squadron
19. 2nd light division
20. 2nd light horse regiment
21. 2nd light mechanized division
22. 2nd minnesota light artillery battery
23. 2nd regiment of light dragoons
24. 3rd arkansas light artillery
25. 3rd continental light dragoons
26. 3rd light armoured brigade
27. 3rd light division
28. 3rd light horse brigade
29. 3rd light horse regiment
30. 3rd massachusetts light artillery
31. 3rd minnesota light artillery battery
32. 4d light field
33. 4th continental light dragoons
34. 4th generation light source
35. 4th light horse brigade
36. 4th light horse regiment
37. 5th bengal light cavalry
38. 5th light cavalry division
39. 5th light infantry
40. 5th light regiment rnza
41. 5th mahratta light infantry
42. 5th new york independent light artillery
43. 6 light anti-aircraft regiment
44. 6 light anti aircraft regiment
45. 6th bengal light cavalry
46. 6th jat light infantry
47. 6th light anti-aircraft regiment
48. 6th light anti aircraft regiment
49. 6th light armoured brigade
50. 6th light horse regiment
51. 6th madras light cavalry
52. 7 light anti-aircraft regiment
53. 7 light anti aircraft regiment
54. 7th light anti-aircraft regiment
55. 7th light anti aircraft regiment
56. 7th light cavalry
57. 7th light horse regiment
58. 8th king george's own light cavalry
59. 8th king georges own light cavalry
60. 8th light cavalry
61. 8th light horse regiment
62. 9th light horse regiment
63. 9th light infantry regiment
64. a-series light bulb
65. a. p. hill's light division
66. a brief crack of light
67. a certain slant of light
68. a chink of light
69. a city by the light divided
70. a dead rose wails for light
71. a different light
72. a flash of light
73. a gathering light
74. a good heavy light sleeper
75. a guiding light
76. a heavy purse makes a light heart
77. a leading light
78. a light
79. a light at the end of the tunnel
80. a light in someone’s eyes
81. a light in the attic
82. a light in the black
83. a light in the dark
84. a light in the forest
85. a light in the window
86. a light shines
87. a light that never comes
88. a light touch
89. a lil' light
90. a lil light
91. a little light music
92. a memory of light
93. a million light years away
94. a northern light
95. a p hills light division
96. a ray of hope light comfort
97. a ray of light
98. a ray of light comfort
99. a ring of endless light
100. a sergeant of the light horse

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