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1. burning of jaffna library
2. burning of jaffna public library
3. flag of the jaffna kingdom
4. jaffna
5. jaffna airport
6. jaffna central college
7. jaffna central school
8. jaffna college
9. jaffna district
10. jaffna divisional secretariat
11. jaffna divisional secretary's division
12. jaffna divisional secretarys division
13. jaffna electoral district
14. jaffna football ground massacre
15. jaffna fort
16. jaffna hindu college
17. jaffna hindu ladies' college
18. jaffna hindu ladies college
19. jaffna hospital massacre
20. jaffna international airport
21. jaffna kingdom
22. jaffna kings
23. jaffna lagoon massacre
24. jaffna moss
25. jaffna municipal council
26. jaffna palace ruins
27. jaffna peninsula
28. jaffna polling division
29. jaffna public library
30. jaffna railway station
31. jaffna stallions
32. jaffna tamil dialect
33. jaffna university helidrop
34. kingdom of jaffna
35. list of jaffna monarchs
36. list of mayors of jaffna
37. list of university of jaffna people
38. mayor of jaffna
39. portuguese conquest of jaffna kingdom
40. roman catholic diocese of jaffna
41. ruins of jaffna kingdom
42. the jaffna
43. university of jaffna


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