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1. ...that's the way it is
2. american slavery as it is
3. an integral domain is lcm iff it is gcd
4. and i don't care what it is
5. and i dont care what it is
6. as broad as it is long
7. as if it is going out of style
8. as it is
9. as it is as it turns out
10. as it is in heaven
11. as it is in life
12. be as black as it is painted
13. be not worth the paper it is written on
14. bhagavad-gita as it is
15. bhagavad gita as it is
16. bhagavad gita as it is trial in russia
17. call it what it is
18. cross the stream where it is shallowest
19. deem that it is necessary
20. fine just the way it is
21. for all it is worth
22. for what it is worth
23. funny the way it is
24. game is it is not worth the candle
25. gilbert gets tiger-it is
26. gilbert gets tiger it is
27. give than to receive it is more blessed to
28. hear it is
29. here it is
30. how hard it is
31. how it is
32. how sweet it is
33. how sweet it is to be loved by you
34. i don't know what it is
35. i don't think it is
36. i dont know what it is
37. i dont think it is
38. i know what time it is
39. if it is secreted i like it
40. it's alright between us as it is
41. it is
42. it is a fact that
43. it is a far far better thing that i do than i have ever done
44. it is a good day to die
45. it is a long lane that has no turning
46. it is a magazine for abstract art
47. it is a poor heart that never rejoices
48. it is a sad heart that never rejoices
49. it is a truth universally acknowledged
50. it is all up with
51. it is all up with him
52. it is always darkest before the dawn
53. it is arguable that
54. it is better to be born lucky than rich
55. it is better to give than to receive
56. it is darkest before the dawn
57. it is darkest just before the dawn
58. it is done
59. it is done well
60. it is easy to be wise after the event
61. it is easy to do something
62. it is easy to find a stick to beat a dog
63. it is felt that
64. it is fine! everything is fine
65. it is high time
66. it is high time that
67. it is high time that ——
68. it is hoped
69. it is in us all
70. it is meat and drink to me
71. it is mine
72. it is neither
73. it is neither here nor there
74. it is never too late to learn
75. it is never too late to mend
76. it is no accident
77. it is no disgrace
78. it is no nay
79. it is no secret that
80. it is no usegetting in here
81. it is not even funny
82. it is not every day
83. it is not for lack/want of trying
84. it is not for lack of trying
85. it is not for lack want of trying
86. it is not for want/lack of trying
87. it is not for want lack of trying
88. it is not for want of trying
89. it is not funny
90. it is not work that kills but worry
91. it is odds
92. it is only a matter of time
93. it is only fair
94. it is reason
95. it is rocket science
96. it is said
97. it is said of a too acid wine
98. it is someone's understanding
99. it is someones understanding
100. it is tempting to do something

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